Whether you are a customer or not, you can avail of this service. If you have never draped a sari or lehenga (dupatta) before... or have tried, but just can't get the perfect pleating and length, we are happy to help!

We offer our expertise for draping a Sari or Lehenga for a Wedding or Event for a nominal charge, starting at $20/person (for a minimum of 5 persons, will be more for fewer persons). The service is currently offered for places within a 10 mile radius of Greater Boston. For events further out, we are happy to discuss and see if we can work something out.

Or stop by the boutique to get your event draping done for $15/20 (for up to 30 minutes). The added bonus? Razelles (with the most personable owner- upstairs) offers facials and manicures, and Jackie (J. Earley's) next door can help you with your hair updo à la Newbury street, so you can head straight out to the event!


We do custom fittings/alterations to our clothes to make sure they fit you well. If you are bringing your own outfit in to be altered, kindly call to discuss. 

Private shopping appointment:

Customers who cannot make it to the boutique during our normal business hours, or those who would prefer a personalized shopping experience, may opt for a Private shopping appointment. We are happy to accomodate you earlier or later than our regular open hours. 

To avail of the above services, kindly e-mail, or call us at 617.959.1797